BLAB:Engage- Predictive Social Intelligence™ for Brands

STOP marketing to past behaviors

START predicting what will perform

BLAB:Predicts is your ticket to LIVE audiences across digital media!

Made in Seattle

Turns Insights Into Action


Blab’s Predictive Social Intelligence™ effectively and affordably turns insights into action. The result is increased ROI through laser-focused programmatic campaigns, engaging earned media programs, and optimized owned media.

The BLAB:Predicts platform consists of two key modules:

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WhoWe Are

We're a team of marketing and technology veterans that came together to help Brands engage in a consumer-driven world.

Blab is used by leading-edge marketing groups in some of the largest Agencies, Brands and Media Holding Companies around the world including: Horizon MediaMindshare, RUNCossette, Southern Cross Austereo, The Zeno Group, and Blue Focus.

WhatWe Do

Do you need a better targeting solution that drives engagement and ROAS?

Do you want to predict tomorrow's stories today?

Do you know what drives your consumer purchase behavior?

Campaign Execution

Instead of relying on the past behaviors of cookies that are often stale, we target your brand's “activated” audience based on our prediction of what they will read, watch and search for. BLAB:Predict's campaign targeting tool creates conversation-based segments, which can be targeted programmatically across display, video, mobile, and social.

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Engage Audiences

BLAB:Predicts enables Brands to create and manage highly targeted / activated audience segments for use in Paid, Earned and Owned Media


Improve Metrics

BLAB:Predicts shows Brands when to increase bids or raise floors based on what is trending throughout the campaign lifecycle.


Directly Integrate

BLAB:Predicts is integrated with key technology partners to make data accessible and easy to use.


Go Global

BLAB:Predicts is language agnostic, delivering conversations in all languages and formats, including the occasional Klingon rant, teenage emoji thread and 地下婴儿 video.


Daily Conversations







Predictive Campaigns?

Click to watch a quick clip from our CEO, Randy Browning, to learn more.

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    “If you’re not capitalizing on Blab’s Conversation-Based Data Segments, you’re leaving performance on the table.”

    Donnie Williams- Chief Data Officer, Horizon Media
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    “The power of social data, driven by BLAB:Predicts data segments will allow for advertisers to contextually target user groups with more precision based on current trends.

    This is a unique approach that Blab is taking, and I can’t wait to see the additional volume and performance that it will be able to drive.  We have integrations with 70+ data providers, and no one is doing what Blab is doing.”

    Peter Gent- Senior Partnership Manager, The Trade Desk
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    "We're delighted that Grapeshot segments may now be built from Keywords taken instantly, from Blab's Internet conversations and chatter. Marketers have told us that brands want to be part of consumers lives.

    Now Grapeshot and Blab put brands right in the center of the hottest trending online conversations - while they are actually happening. This means that Horizon can place ads, via the Trade Desk, in environments, where their chosen live audiences, are most intensely engaged. Grapeshot already enables programmatic buyers to buy live audiences reading specific page content. By adding Blab's social media insight, we identify the keywords of the moment, to educate, equip and control the real-time buy."

    John Snyder- CEO, Grapeshot
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    "BLAB:Predicts is a fantastic tool for us. The magic is in understanding the chatter that’s going on within the social environment. Knowing what is being said allows us to be ahead of the game as content creators. It helps us drive the conversation and engagement with our audience across all platforms at the right time and with the right angle. BLAB:Predicts is part of how we plan our day, every day across our content department"

    Guy Dobson- Chief Content Officer, Southern Cross Austereo


Below is a list of the most frequently asked questions, if you don't see your question in the list below, please contact Support.

#1 Can Blab really  predict the future?

We don't have a DeLorean or flux capacitors, but yes, we can. Blab make predictions with 86% accuracy up to 72 hours in advance, regardless of conversation volume..

#2 What kinds of media results does Blab deliver?

Blab improves the performance of mid-funnel advertising. For example, video campaigns using our conversation-based targeting show an average of around 80% more video completions.

We deliver broad (millions) to narrow (tens of thousands) of users per segment, with 30% higher conversions than traditional DMP optimized segments and a lower overall CPE.

#3 How do I use Blab Conversation-based targeting data in my campaigns?

To make data access as frictionless as possible, Blab Conversation-based targeting is available through the following integration options:


Data PartnersDSP PartnersPlatform Direct
Grapeshot The Trade Desk Twitter Keyword Targeting
Peer 39 RUN Facebook Interest Targeting

If you don't see your DSP, DMP or SSP listed here, please contact Blab Sales

#4 What sources does Blab use?

Blab ingests data from 50,000 sources including:

PublishersBloggersSocial Platform Integrations
ESPN Jalopnik Twitter
WIRED Jezebel Instagram
TMZ Daily Finance Tumblr
Huffington Post Tidy Mom YouTube
Billboard Smarter Travel Flickr

We’re language agnostic, delivering conversations in all languages and formats, including the occasional Klingon rant, teenage emoji thread and 地下婴儿 video.

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111 South Jackson Street, Seattle, Washington 98104 USA

phone: +1 206.486.BLAB (2522)