Predictive Content Discovery

Use Blab to Discover What Content Trends with Audiences

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a Predictive content discovery tool  to drive engagement

Discover the pulse of a conversation 

In today's fast-paced marketing environment, companies must leverage the constant stream of information across news, blogs, and social.

BLAB:Predicts converts this constant stream of information into contextualized marketing insights, allowing brands to create content that accurately relates to customer conversations. 

BLAB:Predicts Gives Users Access To:

  • A fully automated insight tool
  • A dashboard designed to simplify conversation data
  • Automated predictions, lookup tables, and analytics surrounding key terms

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Audience Insights

What if you could monitor audiences across paid, earned, and owned media based on conversations that are trending in real-time?

Content Creation

What if you knew what stories were emerging and predicted to grow up to 72 hours before your competition?